Important Financial Information For All Students

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Financial Support whilst you are studying

UK/Home Undergraduate Students

If you are experiencing financial hardship, the University of Lincoln has a Financial Assistance Fund.

Please follow this link if you wish to apply

The term time fund closes at your official course end date or 31 July, 2021 whichever is sooner, so for most students it closes on 11 June, 2021.

For continuing University of Lincoln students who are unable to work over the summer vacation period, there will be a Summer Financial Assistance Fund which will open for applications on 14 June, 2021 for most students.

Please note: final year students are not able to make an application to the summer fund.

Final Year Students

Most final year undergraduate students will no longer be classed as students from the Monday following the official course completion date. For most courses this is Monday 14 June, 2021. At this time, if you are not working or have a low income, you may be eligible to claim Universal Credit. This applies even if you believe you may have resits or you intend to take up a postgraduate course in October, 2021.

Universal Credit is the UK’s main welfare benefit for people under pension age. You don’t have to be unemployed to apply, working people can get help too. Universal Credit includes help with your housing costs if you are renting. If you’re part of a couple, you and your partner will get one payment.

To claim Universal Credit please see here:

If you are on a course with a later end date, please contact the Advice Service for more information.

If you already get welfare benefits and would like more information about what may change when you leave university, please email the Advice Service for more information.

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