Student services update

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The Student Support Centre may have closed its doors to enable social distancing, but all the team are working from home to ensure the service is available for all students to access remotely.

Telephone: 01522 837080

Student Support teams

Our Front Desk Team are available for all queries and questions regarding your studies, timetables and exams, and can provide you with Certificates of Study, Council Tax letters, and also help you navigate around the new ways in which the University is working at present.

We are also able to help any student who is self-isolating with Coronavirus symptoms or due to an underlying health condition in Lincoln and unable to get access to food and medicinal supplies.

Telephone: 01522 837080

The Advice Team are also available to support and advise students either via email or ‘phone with any concerns regarding tenancy agreements, money worries including benefits and funding issues, academic concerns including the Extenuating Circumstances process, and lots, lots more.

International students can still access immigration advice from our Specialist Immigration Advisers.

Telephone: 01522 837495

Residential Wardens, who are part of the Student Support Centre are available for any student who is feeling isolated and unsure how to access the services available. They are Post Graduate students who offer companionship and support to all students, and are available from 6pm to midnight every day.

To speak with a Residential Warden, please email and one of the team will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also contact them via their Live Facebook Chat from 6pm to midnight every day.

Student Wellbeing Centre

We are here to continue to offer support, advice or guidance with any challenges or difficulties students may face during their academic studies. Our support to students includes concerns around disability, specific learning differences, mental health or medical conditions, as well as anything which may cause emotional or psychological distress.

The Student Wellbeing Centre have a range of useful online resources available to all students including a variety of virtual self-help guides, podcasts and vlogs.

Telephone: 01522 886400

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