Blue bubble diet

Diet and Exercise

A healthy diet and an active lifestyle can improve your concentration, motivation and your mood. If you are interested in finding out more about a healthy diet and exercise, you may find the following links useful:

NHS Eating a balanced diet

BBC Goodfood: How to survive as a student basic recipes

NHS Exercise: Getting Started

University of Lincoln Sports Centre

Save the Student: Be a Healthy Student (without the gym)


Zombie Run (Free) – This is a fun way to get you pushing yourself when jogging. The app plays your own music playlist alongside recorded audio depicting a zombie apocalypse in which you must run from the infected.

MealBoard (Free) –  an app which plans healthy meals, grocery shops, and recipes based on what you’ve got in the fridge.

My Fitness Pal (Free) – A fast and easy food and exercise entry system to help you manage your well-being.