Postgraduate Support

Student Services - Lincoln Uni 4-11-14 0012

We are here to offer support, advice or guidance with any challenges or difficulties students may face during their academic studies. Our support to students includes concerns around disability, specific learning differences, mental health or medical conditions, as well as anything which may cause emotional or psychological distress.

The Student Wellbeing Centre can also support you to access appropriate academic support should you have a diagnosis or disability that falls under the Equality Act 2010. This can include supporting you to apply for Disabled Student’s Allowances and creating a Personalised Academic Study Support (PASS) Plan with you. In order to access this support, you would need some detailed medical evidence of your diagnosis.

The Student Wellbeing Centre have a range of useful online resources available to all students including a variety of virtual self-help guides, podcasts and vlogs. The Student Wellbeing Centre also run a series of skills groups and workshops. If you would like further information on these, please consider chatting to an advisor further in one of our First Contact Appointments.

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