Leeke Educational Foundation

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The Leeke Educational Foundation was established under the terms of the will of the Reverend Canon Edward Leeke (1841-1925), a Sub-Dean of Lincoln Cathedral. He helped pioneer education in Lincoln, notably the school in Christ’s Hospital Terrace, now a part of Lincoln University. It has a policy on safeguarding vulnerable beneficiaries which can be viewed on request.

Applications are invited for grants from young people who fulfil all three criteria given below:

  1. Are aged from 16 to 24 when funds will be needed.
  2. Reside, or whose parents/carers reside, within the boundaries of the City of Lincoln.
  3. Are in need of financial assistance through low family income and/or difficult circumstances.

Grants may be awarded towards the following:

  1. Fees and other costs directly associated with courses of study at secondary school, teacher training colleges, universities and other educational establishments approved by the Trustees.
  2. Fees, equipment, tools, books, travel and other costs required in training for a profession, trade or calling.
  3. Costs incurred in using leisure time to develop spiritual, moral, physical and mental capacities.

All enquiries should be sent to leekefoundation@gmail.com

The application deadline for the 2023-2024 academic year is as follows:
Wednesday 20th September 2023


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