Summary of Confidentiality and Access to Data

Data Protection and General Data Protection Regulation

The Data Controller is the University of Lincoln. Personal data is defined as any information relating to you which enables you to be directly or indirectly identified. Your data will be processed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation and other relevant legislation. You have the right to see information about you kept on your Student file.  If you wish to see your file you should discuss this with a member of the Student Support Centre, or alternatively contact

Storage of information

You have the right to expect all information the Student Support Centre hold about you to be treated sensitively and respectfully.  Records will be held securely within the Student Support Centre. General information will be held for a maximum of 7 years after you leave the University and then destroyed. Any information relating to criminal activity will be held indefinitely.

Your responsibility

It is your responsibility to advise the University of any changes to your circumstances to ensure information the Student Support Centre hold about you is kept up to date.

Communication within the University
Other members of the University involved in the provision of education and support services may need to be informed of your needs (e.g. Student Wellbeing, Personal Tutors).  Information will only be provided to those who ‘need to know’. Where the Student Support Centre need to communicate information by email, only essentially relevant details will be included, and will be sent securely according to the University policies and procedures. If the Student Support Centre need to consult with any other individuals about specific issues, all details will normally be anonymised.

Communication outside the University

Information will not be disclosed to anyone outside of the University without your explicit written consent, unless in exceptional circumstances. Should the Student Support Centre need to obtain information from someone outside the University you will be asked to sign a form authorising the request.  The reason for the request will be explained to you at the time.

Exceptional Circumstances

Where the safety of an individual student or another person is considered to be at risk or the University have received a Concern for Welfare, the Student Support Centre take steps to minimise this risk.  This may involve disclosing information to a third party.  In rare circumstances, the Student Support Centre may be required by law to pass on personal information.


If you have a complaint relating to any aspect of the Student Support Centre, you should raise it with the Head of Student Support in the first instance.  If you are not satisfied with your response you can raise your complaint with Head of Student Services/Deputy Director of Student Affairs. Alternatively, you can make a formal complaint by using the University of Lincoln complaints procedure.

If you would like to seek clarification of the Privacy Statement please speak with a member of the team.