SWC Bubble Trauma

Trauma – including abuse and sexual assault


Trauma is a term which can be used to cover a wide range of different things

If you are concerned about issues surrounding sexual or domestic assault, you may find the following links helpful or visit our Sexual Misconduct page:

NHS: Abuse, domestic violence and sexual assault – http://www.nhs.uk/Livewell/abuse/Pages/violence-and-sexual-assault.aspx

Trust House Lincolnshire: Supporting men, women and children who have been affected by rape and sexual abuse – http://trusthouselincolnshire.org/

Spring Lodge: Sexual assault referral centre – http://www.springlodge.org/

West Lincolnshire Domestic Abuse Service – http://www.wldas.org.uk/about/

The Survivors Trust: Supporting and empowering survivors of rape, sexual violence and/or childhood sexual abuse – http://thesurvivorstrust.org/about-tst/

Victim Support: Independent charity supporting anyone affected by crime, not only those who experience it directly, but also their friends, family and any other people involved. – https://www.victimsupport.org.uk/

Lincolnshire Police: Advice and guidance for victims and witnesses of crime – https://www.lincs.police.uk/reporting-advice/victims-and-witnesses/

Lincolnshire Rape Crisis: Support women and girls who live or work in Lincolnshire, who are experiencing, have experienced or have been affected by any form of sexual violenceĀ  – http://www.lincolnshirerapecrisis.org.uk/

Galop: LGBT anti-violence charity – http://www.galop.org.uk/

Companion: Never Walk Alone (Free) – This app allows you to select ‘companions’ and have them keep an eye on you when you’re walking home. These Companions see a live map of your progress and get updates as you make it from Point A to Point B.

Circle of 6 (Free) – Circle of 6 lets you choose up to 6 trusted friends to add to your circle. If you get into an uncomfortable or risky situation, use Circle of 6 to automatically send your circle a pre-programmed SMS alert message, with your exact location and can inform any local emergency services.

bSafe (Free) – With this personal safety, you can let friends know you location, use the Timer Mode to program an automatic alarm that will trigger if you have not checked in in time, and use ‘Fake