Anxiety Podcast

In this podcast Rachael and Stacey explore effective ways to manage anxiety and challenge negative thoughts, focusing on studies and University.

Assertiveness Podcast

In this podcast Louise and Katy explore the different ways we communicate with others, and provide some advice on how we can be more assertive when expressing our thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Difficult Emotions Podcast

In this podcast Rachael and Zoe talk about difficult emotions and how to handle them. They give step by step advice on dealing with negative and unhelpful feelings and explain how you can build positive emotions.

Exams Podcast

In this podcast Tom and Bek discuss tips and techniques for dealing with exam stress – from preparation through to the exam itself. They also offer helpful advice about general self-care.

Getting Organised Podcast

In this podcast Tom and Stacey look at how to become more organised and share some hints and tips for healthy study habits and using your time more productively.

Homesickness Podcast

In this podcast Louise and Rachael have a look at the very common issue of homesickness. What is it? Who can suffer from it, and what can we do to alleviate it?

Presentation Skills Podcast

In this podcast Chris and Katy provide key hints and tips on how to prepare for and deliver a presentation. They also discuss useful techniques for dealing with anxiety around presentations.

Procrastination Podcast

In this podcast Bek and Zoe discuss all about procrastination. What it is, why we do it and how we can stop it with useful hints and tips.