Disputing a Board decision – Review and Appeal

Asking for a Review if you are unhappy with a Board of Examiners decision

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The Board of Examiners make academic judgements about a student’s academic attainment and progression. Once you have received your results there may be occasions when you might wish to dispute the decision of the Board of Examiners.

Please note that you cannot request a review simply because you disagree with your mark or grade. Extenuating Circumstances issues must be dealt with under the Extenuating Circumstances process. Extenuating Circumstances do not constitute grounds for a Review or Appeal.

You should initially raise any concerns informally, for example, by speaking to your Personal Tutor, Module Coordinator, Programme Leader or Student Services.  If you are unable to achieve an informal resolution of your concerns, you may then access the formal Review and Appeal procedure.

You can find further information about Reviews and Appeals on the Secretariat website at the following link Academic Reviews and Appeals. You can also read the following link to the University General Regulations about Review and Appeal.

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