Respecting others is a big part of University and staff and students are expected to create a welcoming and inclusive environment.

Student Services - SU 025 Oct27th2016 by E Egg

The University of Lincoln’s core values encourage collaboration and inclusiveness and will support students who have experienced Hate Crime, any form of harassment, abuse or sexual violence.

Our core values

  • Customer focused: We are focused on the need of the student in everything that we do.
  • Inclusive: We make the University of Lincoln inclusive for everyone, whatever their background.
  • Innovative: We are not afraid of change and new ideas and use them positively in our work to improve what we do.
  • Professional: We strive to be professional in all that we do and aim to enhance our professionalism at every opportunity
  • Collaborative: We collaborate with the University staff and students at all levels and build strong links with external organisations to raise the profile of our services for the benefit of students.
  • Technology ready: We embrace technology and use it to move forward in our work and to make our services more accessible.
  • Responsive: We listen and respond to feedback from students and staff and use it to develop our services.
  • Proud: We are proud of what we achieve and celebrate our achievements as a team.
  • Accessible: We ensure our services are accessible to all through face to face contact, online and social media.
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