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Find information and resources from PC Wrigley, the University of Lincoln's campus police officer.

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I am here to keep you safe and help make you feel safe.

We are here to enforce the law and disrupt any criminal activity that may be taking place.

Do you have any information to pass on to us, or know of anything suspicious happening on campus?

Hello! I’m PC Mark Wrigley, the Police Officer for the University of Lincoln.

I can offer advice around any issues you may have, including crime and safety. I’m here to listen to what you know, not necessarily who you are so you can report crime or raise any concerns you may have anonymously.

I will be located around the campus, normally between the Student Wellbeing Centre and the Student Support Centre for you to come and have an informal conversation with me, or make a full report.

Contact me:

  • Email: You can get in touch with me via email on
  • Social Media: You can also keep an eye out on what I am up to on my Twitter and Instagram pages – you’ll find me at @uolcampuspolice

If you see me out and about on campus, please say hello!

Reporting a crime:

  • Telephone (non-urgent): Report a non-urgent crime by calling 101.
  • Telephone (anonymously): Report a crime anonymously by calling Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or visiting the Crimestoppers website.
  • Emergency contact: In an emergency always dial 999.

Below is a resource bank for you to keep up to date with the latest campaigns from Lincolnshire Police, to help you stay safe around the campus and the city.


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