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This information is provided by the
Student Support & Advice Team

The University of Lincoln has two complaints avenues available to students,

  1.  Student Complaints – Services provided by the University
  2.  Student Misconduct Complaints – Alleged misconduct involving other University students

This page gives you further information about making a Student Complaint.

If you wish to make a complaint about the behaviour of another student or students please follow this link: Student Misconduct and you will be taken to the Student Misconduct Complaints page.

Complaints about University Accommodation services need to go through a separate Accommodation complaints procedure initially. Please follow this link: Accommodation Policies and Procedures for further information.

If you are considering making a complaint to the University or would like further help with a complaint, the Student Support and Advice Centre have specialist advisers who can help you. To book a confidential telephone appointment please email:  or call 01522 837080.


The Student Complaint procedure in Part O of the University’s General Regulations provides a means for you to raise a complaint about any service the University provides to attempt to get that issue resolved.

Complaints can be about:

  • Concerns relating to academic programmes or services; or
  • your student experience, including relationships with administrators or support services.

If you wish to complain about concerns relating to your academic programme or services, these must be made before the Board of Examiners has decided your result.

You cannot use the complaints procedure to appeal against a Board of Examiners’ decision and would need to use the Review and Appeal procedure instead.

The Student Complaint procedure applies to all students on programmes of the University. The term ‘student’ includes those who have left the University within the 3 previous months, for whatever reason. Please note, however, that it is a principle of our complaints procedure that any complaints must be made within 3 months of the event(s) concerned.

If you are enrolled on a University Award delivered at a Partner College you should use the College’s own procedures. Once these are exhausted, you have a right to pursue the complaint with the University.

If you have a complaint, it is in everyone’s interest that you raise it as soon as possible.

Before you begin formal proceedings, we would encourage you firstly to try and resolve the issue informally, either by speaking directly with those concerned or with your Personal Tutor, Programme Leader or the Students’ Union Advice Centre. If an informal approach is unable to resolve the issue, only then should you begin formal proceedings. Further guidance for both staff and students on informal resolution of complaints can be found here.

Each school/professional service area has a local complaints advisor. If you are unsure who to contact, please email

To make a formal complaint you will need to go onto your OneUni portal – Support – Student Contention and complete the SCP1 form, which will guide you on how to set out the details of your case. If you have withdrawn from the University and do not have access to your OneUni portal, you must contact a Governance Officer within 3 months of the event(s) occurring or within 3 months of withdrawing, whichever is the earlier date. You will be sent a form (SCP1), for you to complete. On the form you must:

  • Outline how you’ve tried to resolve it informally
  • Set out what your complaint is about and the negative impact it has had
  • Set out what your preferred outcome should be from your complaint
  • Provide evidence for your complaint and all other relevant material.

Please be aware: issues and evidence not introduced at this stage won’t normally be accepted for consideration at subsequent stages.

Once your complaint has been received your Head of School (or nominated senior member of staff) will carry out an investigation into your case and conclude it within 20 working days.  When they have completed their investigation you will receive a report of their findings.

If your complaint is upheld in whole or in part then they will set out how the issue will be resolved and you will receive an apology and/or other appropriate remedies.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your complaint (because you feel material elements of your complaint have not been addressed, or that you haven’t been offered a fair resolution) then you have 10 working days to request an Independent Review. You can do this by filling out the Complaint Review proforma available from a Governance Officer stating the reason for your dissatisfaction with the first stage’s outcome and providing evidence to support that claim. This should be submitted to the Student Complaints Officer handling your case.

There are two possible further steps to the complaints procedure after the Head of School investigation:

  • Independent Review
  • Complaint Hearing

Further details of these latter stages are set out in the Regulations. If you have exhausted the University’s internal processes and you remain dissatisfied, you have the opportunity to take your complaint further by approaching the national Office for the Independent Adjudicator (OIA) who will consider reviewing your case.

Further details of the latter stages of a complaint are set out in the University General Regulations.


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