Cost of Living Support

Information about the cost of living support available from the University of Lincoln and Lincoln Students' Union.

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Recent increases in food prices, transport and utility bills are affecting everyone, and we know that students, like everybody else, may be experiencing unexpected or additional costs.

You may be feeling anxious about how inflation could affect you and your studies, or how it is affecting other people who depend on you or support you financially.

The University of Lincoln and Lincoln Students’ Union have created a new hub to bring together a range of information and advice for students on how to manage finances on a budget and to highlight the support available if you’re struggling with the growing cost of living.

You’ll be able to find details on funding available such as the University’s Financial Assistance Fund (ULFAF), tips from other students on managing on a weekly budget and contact information for support services offering expert guidance for students in different circumstances.

Visit the Cost of Living Support Hub online at:

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