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Disabled Students Allowance

DSA is available to all Home (UK-Passport Holding) Students and is designed to help level out any difficulties which may impact on a student’s ability to study or engage academically. DSA is not a financial award; it provides funding for specific equipment, non-medical help and general allowances which are recommended by an Assessor and agreed by the Student’s sponsor.

To find out more and to see if you are eligible for DSA, please see the DSA information website.

If you are studying an Undergraduate course and you have funding through Student Finance England, you should fill out a Slim form. If you are studying a post-graduate degree or are self-funded, you would need to fill in the full form.

If you are funded by someone other than Student Finance England, you can find your sponsor on the left hand side of this site.

Medical Evidence

Your sponsor will need medical evidence from your GP or Specialist to support your DSA Application. If you have Dyslexia or another SpLD, you will need a full Dyslexia Assessment carried out by a qualified Educational Psychologist after your 16th birthday.