Alcohol and Drugs

If you choose to drink or do drugs, we want you to do it safely. This page offers you the advice and policies you need to keep safe.

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If you do choose to drink when you come to University, the last thing you want is to let drinking too much ruin a good night.

Although we appreciate that sometimes drinking too much is easily done, ultimately you are responsible for yourself on a night out and therefore it may be helpful to understand a little more about safe drinking limits, what happens to your body after alcohol consumption, and ways to keep yourself safe.

Whilst the University does not condone the use of illegal drugs on or off campus, if you do choose to use drugs, we want you to be as safe as possible doing so. As adults, this is your decision and any consequence that comes from drug use is your responsibility. Before you do consider trying drugs, it is important to get your facts right, know the risks involved, and know where to get help with drug use should you need it.

Student Wellbeing Drop-in Times:

  • Monday – Friday between 12-2pm
  • Thursday evenings (during term-time only) between 5-7pm
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