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Wellbeing Service

Our team can help you get support if you are a student with a disability, specific learning difference, mental health or medical condition. Click on the bubbles below to get more information on specific conditions or read on to find out about how we can help.

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 Please see the University’s Concern for Welfare procedure for details on how to respond to a student in crisis >

Support for Disabled Students

For more information on the ways we can support students, click on the bubbles below.

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Prospective Students

If you are a student looking to apply to University of Lincoln, or you have already applied and are excited to enrol with us but have some questions, we can help. We encourage students to contact us directly so that we can try to get as much support put in place as we can before you arrive, meaning that you can focus on working hard and enjoying yourself once you start your life as a student. You can find all of our contact details on our contact page. Please also visit our Prospective Students page for more information.

We recommend having a read of the pages above to see what support is available, if you haven’t already.