Self-harm is when someone intentionally causes damage or injuries to their body. There are a variety of different self-harm methods individuals choose to use, some less noticeable than others.

The reasons someone may turn to self-harm are vast and complex. It can stem from childhood trauma, to stressors and difficult experiences in adulthood. It can be a multitude of factors that cause someone to use self-harm however, self-harm is often a coping strategy people use when experiencing a period of distress or intense emotion.

There are a lot of common misconceptions around self-harm such as:

  • People who use self-harm are also suicidal
  • It is attention-seeking
  • Someone who uses self-harm is not functioning well or achieving
  • Self-harm is noticeable and visible
  • Self-harm is an addiction that someone needs to just stop doing
  • People who self-harm enjoy pain
  • People who use self-harm are not emotionally intelligent or self-aware

Self-harm is used as a way to cope, but it can be unsafe, risky or even make any distressing feelings worse.

If you would like to read more about self-harm, please follow the links below to other useful resources.

If you are having difficulty with self-harm, or know someone who is, please consider coming to speak to an advisor at the Student Wellbeing Centre.

Student Wellbeing Walk In Times:

  • Monday – Friday between 10am-4pm
  • Thursday evenings (during term-time only) between 5-7pm
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