US and Canadian funding

US Federal Loans for full Undergraduate or Postgraduate courses.

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Loans for Students from USA – Direct, PLUS and Private

Loans for Students from Canada – please contact for help with funding advice and form completion.

You can only receive US Federal Loans for full Undergraduate or Postgraduate courses.  If the course you wish to study does not fall into either of these categories you can only apply for a Private Loan.  Please contact for further information.

Please note the University of Lincoln will not start the origination of your loan until June before the start of the course (assuming the student is enrolling in October).  For students studying on a programme where enrolment may be at anytime during the academic year e.g. PhD courses, please contact for instructions on how to apply for your funding.

Please look at to see what your next steps are.  Please note, although you are informed that your School knows that you have applied through FAFSA, we would recommend that you contact us directly by email to We can then liaise with you through the process of originating your Federal Student Aid or Private Loan(s).  This process ensures that you experience no delays in the processing of your Student Aid.

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