Student in crisis?

A mental health crisis is when your normal methods of coping are not working, which result in a quick deterioration in your mental health. Having a mental health crisis can mean different things, but may include:

  • Actively thinking about suicide or wanting to act on suicidal thoughts
  • Having an episode of psychosis where you might experience or believe things that other people don’t
  • Doing something that could put yourself or others at risk.

It is good to get help from professional services to try and prevent the crisis from getting worse.  Here are services that you can contact if you are experiencing a mental health crisis.

    • Samaritans- Talk to someone about how you are feeling. You can call freephone on 116 123
    • Shout- Get 24/7 help from a team of Crisis Volunteers by texting 85258
    • The Mix- Text service for people under 25, text THEMIX at 85258
    • Mental Health Helpline- If you’re feeling low, anxious or stressed and you think that talking to another person may help you cope you can call 0800 001 4331
    • NHS Single Point of Access– Contact your local mental health care team on 0303 123 4000 or e-mail and explain you need to speak with somebody about your mental wellbeing
    • GP- Request an urgent appointment. If you are registered with the University of Lincoln Health Centre, you can contact them on 01522 870010
    • A&E- You can attend the county hospital if you are feeling unsafe or at risk of harming yourself. Here is a list of local taxi services for Lincoln
    • Security services – If you live in University accommodation, you can call the Security team on 01522 886062

If you are experiencing a mental health crisis or are concerned for a friend who may be in crisis during the night, you may want to speak to a night time Mental Health and Wellbeing Advisor from Student Wellbeing. Please contact Security services who will be able to make a referral to them (subject to availability).

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