Letter Requests

The Student Support Centre can create a variety of confirmation of study letters for students.

To request a letter you must either email with your name/student ID, which letter you require and how you would like to receive the letter (post/email/collect); or complete the form below, print it and hand it in at the Student Support Centre.

letter request


Below we have listed a few examples of the types of letter the Student Support Centre produce:


STUDENT SUPPORT SHAPE Bank letter – When opening a student bank account you may be asked to prove that you are a student at the  University of Lincoln. You can request a bank letter from the Student Support Centre.  Please remember to  include details such  as the name of the bank.

STUDENT SUPPORT SHAPE Certificate of study – This letter confirms you are studying at the University of Lincoln. It also gives details of the  start and end date of your course.



 Council tax letter – Full-time students at the University are exempt from paying council tax. You may not need a  letter for Lincolnshire County Council as they are informed automatically, however, if you require a letter, you  can  request  one from the Student Support Centre.

STUDENT SUPPORT SHAPE Travel letters – If you are travelling out of the UK you may need a Certificate of Study for immigration.


STUDENT SUPPORT SHAPE Graduation letters/Invitation letters – This is a letter stating that a full-time University of Lincoln student  would like to invite family or friends for a visit to the UK or to attend a graduation ceremony. You must include  the name(s)  of the person(s) you wish to invite, as it appears on their passport.


The Student Support Centre may be able to adjust letters to suit your requirements, however, this cannot be guaranteed.


Please allow 2 working days before collecting your letter from the Student Support Centre.